AimTop brings new AEG HopUp buckings. Made in a various hardenest so they can 100% works on different FPS. They are made on different colours for easy identification:

Black:  "original type" made of  40° rubber. (1pcs in packing)

Green: made of 65° silica gel. Decided for M90 - M120 springs (250~390 FPS). Two pieces in the package.

White: made of  70° silica gel. Decided for M120 až M150 (350~490 FPS). Two pieces in the package.

Red: made of  80° silica gel. Decided for M150 až M190 (495~630 FPS). Two pieces in the package.

A new hop-up packing will allow more accurate hop-up adjustments. AIMTOP enhanced type packing is designed to match high power upgrades at 400fps+. High power upgrades require a harder hop-up packing since softer material may deform from the higher power. However if your gun shoots bellow 400fps, then stay with AimTop original (black one) since otherwise this hard type will not grip the BB properly on low power configurations. Especially recommended to use this hard type hop-up packing onto upgraded sniper rifle as well for improving semi mode shooting effectively.

Price of two pieces!

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Guma HopUp pentru arcuri M150-M190 Aimtop - set 2 bucati

  • Producător: Aimtop
  • Cod produs: 2205
  • Disponibilitate: În Stoc
  • 35RON